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Dotty Hanger400Dick and Dotty Hanger Family Preserve
Richard B. and Dorothy Hanger have been community leaders who have made countless contributions to the Topeka and Shawnee County community. 

Richard (Dick) and Dorothy (Dotty) Hanger have had a lifetime love for Lake Shawnee. Dick served as Shawnee County Commissioner from the Third District from 1960 through 1968, a period that saw the creation of the Shawnee County Parks & Recreation Department, the construction of the Shawnee County Courthouse, and the development of Lake Shawnee as a public park, including the construction of Lake Shawnee Junior, the Lake Shawnee Golf Course. To honor their commitment and service to the community, the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Shawnee, Kansas officially dedicated the area surrounding the Lake Shawnee Junior as the “Dick and Dotty Hanger Family Preserve”.

As Topeka/Shawnee County develops, loss of open space and natural areas disappear. Similarly as these areas disappear and as the community becomes more urbanized the outdoor experiences and opportunities for today’s youth to learn and experience angling and hunting are dwindling as well. Many of today’s youth are suffering from Nature-Deficient Disorder. Likewise, study after study shows that people without access to green and open space suffer from higher rates of obesity and diabetes, and all the long-term complications that come along with these diseases. Preserving these areas and providing outdoor educational opportunities is the greatest reason for contributing to the Dick and Dotty Hanger Family Preserve Fund. The SCPR Foundation through the Hanger Family will develop partnerships with conservation agencies, outdoor education foundations, governmental agencies, public and private entities to preserve natural areas and provide inner city youth with outdoor educational opportunities and experiences. 

The “Dick and Dotty Hanger Family Preserve” Fund will provide resources for outdoor educational and recreational opportunities for children and adults. One of the goals will be to provide access to natural streams, trails, preserved wooded areas and natural grasses, wild flowers and wildlife to escape the day-to-day stresses of life.

Preservation Initiatives:

The “Dick and Dotty Hanger Family Preserve” strives to preserve natural areas for human enjoyment and wellbeing, from city to suburban to farm to prairies. Hanger Family and Shawnee County Parks & Recreation Foundation initiatives are listed below:

-Ensure that everyone—in particular, every child—enjoys close-to-home access and opportunity for outdoors education and access to natural areas.

-Protect farms, ranches, prairies, and places of natural beauty for our children's children to explore, for educational opportunities and to experience land-based livelihoods and rural ways of life.

-Protect places of historic and cultural importance that keep us in touch with the past and who we are as a community.

-Preserve lands that protect clean water, the natural beauty of our lakes and waterways for our community and wildlife




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